Fact: The temperature of propane and other compressed gases playes heavily upon BTU and pressure issues.  An effective method for stabilizing propane is by using a protective cyclinder wrap or other heated device.  Our research shows Powerblanket to be many times more effective than other methods at insulating and bringing pressured compounds to Max levels of pressure.

Manufactured with GreenHeat Technology, the Powerblanket GCW, or Gas Cylinder Warmer, utilizes a combination of heat and insulation to effectively achieve these stats.

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Powerblanket manufactures a wide variety of heated cyclinder wraps for tanks both large and small.  Located in Salt Lake City, Powerblanket can ship worldwide to both residential and large propane stations.  Offering tank wraps in sizes ranging from 5 gallon to 50,000 gallons and larger.  Buy online from the #1 trusted source:

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